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About 'The good old days'

Glad you found us.
This is 'The good old days' online radio with the stars and the events of the past. 

Here you can relive all those beautiful moments from back then.

This radio is primarily intended for residents of residential care centers and seniors.
But actually everyone who likes good music from the 50's, 60's and 70's is welcome here!

Music can move, give energy and make you feel happy.
You can experience all those emotions here!


Listening to music you like, produces dopamine in your brain, the same substance that is released when you eat something delicious, or when you are in love.
That makes for a blissful feeling.


Music also has a healing effect: it can lower stress and ease pain.

The good old days' is an initiative of On Target.
The information you will find on this website is sourced from Wikipedia, NPO, and

Your feedback and questions are welcome at

Have fun listening!

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